Beth Reeves

Crissy Ivey is a certified Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor at Flex Group Fitness. Crissy danced from preschool through college. When she stopped dancing after college, her body drastically changed and the battle of the weight became a constant struggle. In 2009, Crissy reluctantly tried her first BODYPUMP class and hated it! She felt awkward and intimidated. She went back for a second class only to work out the soreness in her muscles. Since she knew what to expect for the second class, she didn’t feel quite as awkward and was able to really listen to the coaching queues. By her third class, Crissy was hooked by the music, choreography and the total body workout!

The group fitness class was not intimidating, as originally perceived, rather it was an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, which is exactly what she needed at the time. The transformation of her body, spirit and mind were the motivating factors to keep pushing forward in her fitness journey! Fitness was no longer a hobby for her, it became a way of life. In 2014, Crissy decided to take her fitness to another level by going through the Les Mills training and getting certified in AIM 1 and BODYPUMP. Crissy continues to strive to be a great BODYPUMP instructor by relating to those participants who have self doubt and are intimidated by group exercise. She loves encouraging and supporting people in their fitness journeys and watching their transformations.


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