Alison Osing

Alison became interested in healthy eating and exercise while in college. After receiving a degree in Business Administration from Ole Miss, she studied nursing at Samford University. It was during nursing school and working as an RN that she became devoted to healthy living. Throughout her adult life she has worked out at various health clubs. Alison now lives in Ocean Springs with her husband and two children. She felt she was keeping fit through strength training with weights and cardio exercise. During her workouts at a local gym, she used FLEX Group Fitness childcare for her children.

She realized who was getting better results from their workouts and enjoying it. It was the FLEX members. After a couple of Les Mills BODYPUMP classes, she was hooked. She found that she was working every muscle group, while listening to great music, all in an hour's time. She has now been a member of FLEX for five years. Her other passion is the Les Mills BODYFLOW class. Again, it was the music that kept her coming back. She has seen an increase in flexibility and strength through BODYFLOW. Alison is now a certified BODYFLOW instructor at FLEX.

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